Quality For Sustainability.


Benadette Cheruiyot

“ I just wanted to thank Keensell for being a critical part of our success. Your commitment to quality is admirable. No matter the size of the project, you have always given us the best. We are particularly happy with your top management who always follow up to ensure the client is happy. Keep up! ”


Martin Muli

“Your zeal, Your professionalism, Your reliability, timely delivery, resilience and key dependable staff who go beyond their ways just have the best for their clients is a plus. Your buildings renovation works is always splendid. You have raised our bar, seeing our clients moving into well renovated rentals is a merriment. ”


Charles Adolla

“Your remarkable consistency in sticking to your core values buckled up with quality products & services is unstoppable. Given another chance to construct I will choose you.”